Event: Skaņu mežs' 2013, Trešā diena
Location: Latvijas dzelzceļa vēstures muzejā, Rīga
Date: 12. oktobrī

It was the third day of the annual Riga festival for adventurous music — Skaņu mežs (Sound Forest) presenting all sorts of experimental modern music performances.

After an unfortunate search for the Big Wheel in Meža Park — another childhood memory in Riga — we headed for the Latvian Railway History Museum, where the concert took place that day.

Later we got inside the red locomotive…

and watched the performance through the front window:

We were particularly interested in Lustmord, which is well know as the founder of Dark Ambient musical genre.

Lustmord — Main Title- Infinite Space

A couple of pictures found in media resources on the Internet.

After the concert we took a walk to the Torņakalns station where we saw a peculiar memorial to 15 000 of Latvian people sent to remote areas of Russia in Soviet times, which is considered to be a crime today: