This is a film about a man and a fish
This is a film about dramatic relationship between man and fish
The man stands between life and death
The man thinks
The horse thinks
The sheep thinks
The cow thinks
The dog thinks
The fish doesn't think
The fish is mute, expressionless
The fish doesn't think because the fish knows everything
The fish knows everything
(This Is a Film, by Goran Bregović / Iggy Pop)

by Emir Kusturica, United States, France

-Eskimos believe that, even though you die, you're never really dead.
-What then?
-You're... infinity. They believe that when the physical suit of skin dies, it becomes part of the earth, but your soul...keeps going, into other trees...or fish or rocks...or even other people, who actually are at that point, you.
-And if you don't like what you became?
-You wait a few years, and then you turn into something else. And love works the same way...So like, if you and I went down in a plane crash, that would be okay,
because our souls would keep going.  And we'd love each other over and over, from place to place, because it's infinity.
-And you want to go there with me?
-Yeah. over and over, for infinity. Elaine, we'll go to the Bering Sea, we'll be in love, and we'll never die. Never die. We can leave tomorrow, or we can leave right now.
- Okay.

-I think 2 wrongs don't make a right.
-Meaning what?
- Meaning us. Two wrongs.
-What if we're two rights, and everybody else is wrong?
-Either way, we're going to be screwed.
- But screwed together.
I wish I could take you with me.
- Let's go right now! No trains, no planes, no fucking doors. We'll go right out the window!
-I have to take care of some business.
-The house?
- Yes.Last night I dreamt I'm in the desert, and my house is tied around my neck, and my body's breaking under its weight, and it's engulfed in flames. The flames are climbing the rope, and they almost reach my neck, and before they do, I wake up, and I know that I have to get rid of this house.
- I want you to promise me something.
- What?
- When you're done with the house, we can go away.
Come on!
Come on!
- I promise.
- You promise?
- Yeah. I promise.
- Good.
Elaine and Grace were really one person, too big for one body, no matter how much they loved or hated each other. After the storm, I couldn't say life was beautiful, but all I kept hoping for was the Eskimo boy in my dream to run out of one of these doors and hug me. Though I no longer felt like a fish, and realized I knew nothing, I was happy to be alive...