// by David Lynch


A dream of strange desires wrapped inside a mystery story.
~ David Lynch

At first sight, it might seem some sort of a sketch to Twin Peaks series, with the same kind of small-town American setting, a logging truck passing by the Arlene's Diner (RR) and even some of Twin Peaks cast like Kyle MacLachlan (Jeffrey Beaumont/Dale Cooper) in the lead, Jack Nance (Paul/Pete) and Frances Bay (Aunt Barbara/ Mrs. Tremond). Here are the familiar symbols, like ducks, fire, logs and wood, deer horns, red curtains and interiors...and Robin bird accentuating the positive atmosphere of the finale (Wren-Robin fire-bird concept has been analysed by me before).


Bobby Vinton — Blue Velvet

But Blue Velvet still has its own charm. Its mystery is not as pristine and omnibus, but there is Lynch's inherent style featuring beautiful confusion and startling sincerity, elaborate scenes, colors, shades and music. The peculiar bugs-Robin opposition adds to the unsettling neo-noir atmosphere. As does the dark combination of vintage pop songs and classic composition. Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet and Roy Orbitson's In dreams juxtaposed with an orchestral score written by Angelo Badalamenti and quoting Shostakovich's 15th Symphony. This was their first work together and David told Angelo that it had to be «like Shostakovich, be very Russian, but make it the most beautiful thing but make it dark and a little bit scary.»

Roy Orbitson — In Dreams

A candy-coloured man
they call the Sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night...


By the way, Isabella Rossellini playing the part of Dorothy Vallens, was dating David Lynch during 4 years after filming the movie. She was also married to Martin Scorsese and dated Garry Oldman. Now, 61 years of age, she is involved in wildlife preservation having produced an amazing series of short films entitled Green Porno, where she reenacts mating rituals of various animals: