As the day was turning to night, we came to another stop where we were about to set up a camp.

It was nice to rest after a rather uncomfortable ride on camel's back (which is a hump, in fact) and enjoy the serenity of desert among dunes.

Camels too didn't mind having a break and a bite..

Krishna was so eager to eat that he tucked his sack under himself so that nobody could take it from him..

There was a companion by his side - a small evil bird - grey shrike ..

The night fell and there were only camel men voices heard under the starry skies...

Next morning we continued our trip through the desert.

We came across Indian gazelles and a red fox...We stopped in another village for a camel man to fetch us some milk for tea.

Another stop was for the camels to drink..

Well, it was a nice trip through the desert, we got to know camels and got a glimpse of the desert life, though riding a camel is a literate pain in the ass and the desert is not like a real desert, but more of a shrubby area with occasional plough lands...