About a year ago or so, I tried the Black March perfume by CB I Hate Perfume and could not forget the vivid, fresh grass smell ever since. Then I ordered it twice, also tried Cotton & Paper by Tokio Milk at that time…

Now, I've found an interesting little collection, all by CB I Hate Perfume, a wide range of aromas to make up your own set. After some contemplation I selected the following 10 unique, amazingly true-to-life scents…

M#2 Black March water perfume 1.8ml
Leaf buds, wet twigs, tree sap, bark, mossy Earth and the faintest hint of Spring flower bulbs make up this scent that smells just like dirt in the spring.

Forest Floor 0.7ml (accord, earth series)
Запах мха, зелени, настоящих грибов в траве и смолянистых сладких веточкек.

Wet Pavement London 0.7ml (accord, water series)
Faint hints of some scents currently often used to suggest dampness: melon & cucumber. But they are muted, not strong or annoying, and certainly not gourmand, so the opening is not too clicheed. As it develops there are insinuations of florals, and gradually it smells more and more like pavement on a rainy day. I think i note camphor, or perhaps menthol (not mint), definitely vetiver, and some other «dirt-y» smells.

Under the arbor water perfume 1.8ml
The scent of crushed grape leaves, weathered wood, green moss and cool earth.

Gathering apples water perfume 1.8ml
This is the stem, the tree, the apple, the apple skin. Everything about gathering apples from an orchard is in this perfume.

Gingerbread 2012 water perfume 1.8ml
Gingerbread is meant to evoke the warmth, comfort, and cheer of the holidays, welcoming you into a bustling kitchen.
Gingerbread opens with an unmistakable smell of sweet spices, and warm pastry from the oven, The dry-down of Gingerbread leaves a soft cinnamon vanilla trail
Notes: Chinese Ginger Root, Indian Nutmeg, Clove, allspice, Cinnamon Bark, Tahitian Vanilla.

In the library water perfume 1.8ml
Russian & Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish.

Greenbriar 1968 water perfume 1.8ml
It is based on memories or his grandfather. Rich, earthy and green with a sweet sap smell running through it, it has notes of sawdust, fresh cut hay, pipe tobacco, smoke, old leather work gloves and dirt.

Walking in the air water perfume 1.8ml
Запах свежевыпавшего снега. Тут все как и в любом случае с ароматами этого парфюмера, зависит от воспоминаний и личных переживаний. Сразу при нанесении чувствуется сильный, отчетливый запах сырой земли, мха, мокрых листьев, плесени, влажных грибов. Ноябрьский лес после ледяного дождя. Потом сквозь лес проявляются морские нотки — зимнее море, влажные камни. Солоноватый запах сквозь отсыревшие заросли кустарника, мох и отчетливый, красивый, сочный запах земли.

Burning leaves water perfume 1.8ml
The scent is evocative of the smoke of burning maple leaves