Camel safari is not just dunes, scorching sun and literate pain in the ass from riding a camel for several hours, it's also sleeping and eating in the desert. Camel men, though being rough people, not only prepare food for you in the open, they can also give you some cooking lessons if you ask them...

Chapati is made of flower and water with no oil, on special thin frying pans on the fire. Once fried on both sides, they are exposed to the open fire from aside, to get crispy and puffy.

I asked about other types of flatbread they cook. Paratha is also cooked with flower and water, but besides, coriander, salt, masala or a vegetable feeling (like alu, which means potatoes) are added. Parathas are fried with oil. For naan, both rice and wheat flower is used.

Chapatis are often served with a vegetable stew. Cooking a vegetable stew is maybe the basics of South-Asian cooking. Even though it includes a good number of ingredients, it is not difficult to cook while camping, even in the desert (provided you are carrying vegetables, spices, water and utensils in the cart and a couple of camel men to kindly do cook it for you).

First of all, fry garlic and onions in mustard oil or soy bean sauce. Add spices, such as red chilli, turmeric powder, coriander and salt.

After frying the hot mix for a while, add vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, cabbage etc) and stew them well.