On Wednesday April 19th, I rented a car in San Francisco and went to Point Reyes crossing the Golden Gate bridge.

One should pay a toll of $7.50 for crossing the bridge. The trick is, however, that you have to pay only when entering SF, but not when leaving it, and the payment should be made within 2 days after crossing. I did it the wrong way and paid the next day after crossing the bridge in the direction of Point Reyes. I returned to SF 6 days later, sure that I paid the toll. Got a charge to my credit card a month later, which was much bigger than the fee: $32.25 (so, they charged me for the toll + administrative fee: 5 days @ $4.95/day, Max $24.75/Agreement). Anyway, I learnt this unpleasant details only at the beginning of June. My trip started very nicely. I was utterly pleased with the car, it was new Mazda 3 (2016) in a beautiful dark grey color with a USB port, so that I could listen to my music.

The road reminded me of Tenerife, it was rather narrow and curving with ancient trees on the sides.

The views were astounding...I was driving along the coast of the Pacific ocean.

Soon I reached Point Reyes.

I got lost a bit approaching the hostel where I was supposed to live the next three days, as one of the roads used by the Navigating system in the car was closed, a long time ago...But eventually, I figured out how to get there and was very happy to find my hotel deep in the forest, with no other buildings around, very artisan and cute. Indeed, Hosteling International provides the best hostel experience (I stayed in HI hostel in Boston and it was great too).