This wonderful evening concert in the center of Prague, Mala Strana, featured prominent shakuhachists from different historical lineages whose music guides one on an inner path towards enlightenment, concentration and compassion:

1. Sanya Akihito Obama 7′
2. Itchoken Banshiki Vlastislav Matousek 8′

3. Mujushinkyoku Yodo Kurahashi 6′
4. Hikyoku Tsuru no Sugomori – Renpouken・Kizenken Shoden – Kifu Mitsuhashi 15′

5. Taki-Ochi Yodo Kurahashi 12′
6. Atsumori Kumiko Shuto 12′


1. Jimbo Sanya Yodo Kurahashi 9′
2. Five Pieces For Shakuhachi Chikurai (Makoto Moroi) Kifu Mitsuhashi 12′

After the concert we also went to an atmospheric performance called "64" by Topos Kolektiv who create site-specific music improvisations. The performance took place in a derelict cinema theater in Prague`s Lesser Town - famous in the 60es, but abandoned at present. Various music pieces were performed by invisible artists experimenting with shakuhachi, percussion, drums and harp. There was play of light, pantomime and dance elements inspired by modern British artists and the old movies, which made this cinema house a legend, but now appeared as ghosts...A warm after-party gathering in the loft of the cinema theater offered free wine and snacks, as well as some interesting installations and an opportunity to talk to the organizers about the aims and ideas they pursued with their work.