Now that I am in Jena, a small university town in the land of Thuringia, and going to study at the old Friedrich-Schiller Universität, I will be taking long walks from time to time in this enchanting place called Jena Paradies...

That was Saturday, Easter holidays, when I went for a walk after midday. It takes just a few minutes to get to the city center from my dormitory. The way goes across the bridge over   the river Saale.

After a useless fun ride on a tram and a nice coffee with a cake in one of the local bakeries, I went up Jena's well-known skyscraper called   Jentower and looked at the city from a bird's eye view...

Johannistor (on the left below) is the only remaining one of the three original gates to the city.

Next to the gate, there is a remnant of the medieval city wall as well as one of the four city towers, called the Pullvertum (14 Jh., Eckbastion, Stadtgraben). One the right in the picture below, one can see the JenTower - the skyscraper of Jena, from the top of which the panoramic pictures above were taken.

The view of the Pullverturm from the Fürstegraben. Across the street, at the corner of Philosophenweg street there is Jena's oldest cemetery (the entrance and the chapel may be seen in the pic on the right). A stroll through Johannisfriedhof with its weathered gravestones and the greenery in the last rays of the setting sun - in the next post.

Fürstegraben, a street along the old Friedrich-Schiller Universität building..