Kytice (The Bouquet or Garland, original full title was Kytice z pověstí národních' — 'A Bouquet of National Legends') is an exceptionally beautiful compilation of seven Czech seemingly unconnected fairy tales based on Czech ballads from the 19th century and glued together by folklore, mood, color and light, looking more like Czech collection of visual poetry. All of them have a very dark and grim Eastern European flavour, are genuinely erotic and convey a dramatic undercurrent of death and fate. The original piece of literature, written by Karel Jaromír Erben in 1853, contained 13 tales.

1   Kytice (Wild Flowers/Garland/The Bouquet), three little girls miss their dead mother and make her come back in a very special way;

2   Vodník (The Water-Goblin or Waterman) a young woman disobeys her mother and falls into a lake, where she is seduced and taken captive by an amphibious man or an underwater spirit to whom she bears a child;

3   Svatební košile (The Wedding Shirts), a woman begs to the virgin Mary for her soldier husband's return and he does come back as a ghost and gives her the power to fly every time she denounces her religious faith;

4   Polednice (Lady midday or Noon Witch), a housewife, worried by the crying of her baby, invokes the presence of the terrible witch Coca;

5 Zlatý kolovrat (The Golden Spinning-Wheel), an innocent and beautiful peasant girl who is asked in marriage by a king, is murdered by her ambitious mother and twin sister, to take her place in court;

6   Dcerina kletba (Curse of the Daughter), a young woman is punished for abortion;

7   Stedery den (Christmas Day), two girls go out into the dark, frosty forest to solve an enigma, without realizing Death is after a dear one.