To close the chapter on six months spent in Königsberg-Kaliningrad, we went for a walk to the city center, mainly to see the fortifications of the first defensive ring.

In the panorama above, one can see the main sights the city of Kaliningrad is famous for and easily recognized by. From left to right:

Königsberger Dom, the Gothic-style cathedral located on Kant Island, formerly Kneiphof, in the Pregel (Pregolya) River. It is also home to Immanuel Kant's tomb and museum.
— the abandoned House of Soviets, which was to become the governmental seat and was built close to the ruins of the old Königsberg castle in the 1970-ies, but was never finished and used after the «perestroika» period.
— the Fish Village, the ethnographic, commercial and handicraft center built in the style of German pre-war buildings.

Below is one of the towers and kasernen (barracks) of the first fortification ring, which make part of the «Kronprinz» bastion:

The Bridge House built in 1900 by the architect Worms for the technical purpose of storing the bridge accumulator in vertical position.

The only remained reduit of the «Litova» bastion and just a beautiful facade of a German residential house:

A tree in the Southern Park — a landscape park founded in 1841 at the order of the king Friedrich Wilhelm IV.


Auf Wiedersehen, Königsberg…