Nikas Safronov came to our city state museum to present his exhibition. I didn't hear about him before, but he is prominent artist famous for drawing portraits of celebrities, both in Russia and abroad. He is also known for portraying people with cat heads..He even drew a auto-portrait in this manner. Minister for culture came to the opening to welcome him as a dear guest.

The exhibition opened in an impressive way, white roses for women, champagne for all guests and a small string orchestra playing live in one of the rooms.

There is some magic in his paintings, which appealed to me most: little dwarfs and fairies appear where you least expect them, spirits, castles, balloons, antique rooms and fountains - all immaculately drawn with intricate details and ingenuity.

Having set Dali as an example for himself, Nikas must have been inspired by his genius, though of course their works can't be compared..