There is a certain cast of Indian people in Rajasthan called Bishnois. They live in the desert close to Bikaner, follow 29 principles and make it a point to protect trees and wildlife.


Their men are tough and rigid. Many of them are «camel men», they know how to manage a camel and can survive in the desert:


Their women are silent, proud and beautiful…


Sometimes, Bishnois contour their kids' eyes with an eye-liner at the age of 3-10 years old. Protected from the sun this way, the eyes will look more beautiful as the child grows up, they believe.


Ram-ram-za in local language means Namaste, words used to greeting and showing respect.

Bishnoi traditional house is made of mud and cow poos, which are also used to make fire at home (not only in Rajasthani desert — as it turned out later, cow poos are used for the same purpose in the cold desert of Ladakh).Such houses serve as thermostats, cool in hot summer, but they need repairing every 35 days.


In winter, they abandon their desert houses due to lack of water and vegetation and move to town.

They come back in summer to grow crops and collect rain water using special cement wells found everywhere in the desert.


It's a rough life away from civilization.

But nevertheless, Bishnois are kind and responsive people…