Pillau (Baltijsk after 1946)

Neuhäuser Schanze

Build as a fortification in 1887-1890 to defend the city from the North; the casemate was built in 1896-1897.

Fort «Stille»

Named after the general Gustaf von Stille (1823-1899), Fort Stille was built in 1889 and formed a part of Pillau fortifications.

Today, there have remained the escarp wall with box rooms, the fort's entrance gate and a few dilapidated caponiers and revetments.

In January 1945 about 1000 magnetic mine exploited in the arsenal making a shell crater about 100 m in diameter and 25 m in depth.

One part of the fort is now occupied by the a military unit, the rest is being used by local garage community. Some car sheds and lock ups are built into the fort's box rooms and casemates.