A white old-fashioned taxi we hired at the airport, took us to Udaipur, our first stop in Rajasthan and a glamorous lake city mesmerizing with its vibrant colors and exuberant palaces.


Everything can happen around the lake: washing clothes, sleeping, taking a bath, chatting, reading…


And even a religious ceremony…


To see a white rat in a temple is a sign of good luck.


Fuming aroma sticks inside a small shrine is a common sight in the street early in the morning:


Jodhpur, our second checkpoint, is called a blue city as many of its houses are colored blue, which is indicative of Brahmin caste.

As we were passing by, we noticed a salesgirl feeding the cow:

Just below Jodhpur's magnificent and huge fort, there is a bustling market area,


which is why lots of litter may be seen all around the nearby area…

On the contrary, the market in the holy town of Pushkar has a certain magic about its countless street shops with most amazing clothes and unobtrusive salesmen. You feel like getting lost among fascinating little cafes and prowling tourists — «meditators» we called them as they all seemed to have come for a spiritual retreat with most men wearing a beard and «ali baba» pants…


To be continued…