Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

The Baltic sea coast from the end of the beach in Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) towards Georgenswalde (Otradnoe):

Looking back at 15 year-old memories, when S. walked along the beach till the farther visible end of the cliff, almost the way we did that day (we didn't make it up to the end of the cliff though, 200 meters or so).

Georgenswalde (Otradnoe village)

Having got up a high hill path, which goes along the historic Wolf Gully, we found ourselves in Georgenswalde (Otradnoe village). There we walked by the Hermann Brachert's house/museum (a German sculptor who lived there with his wife before the end of WWII) and through the park with the a 1000 year-old burial place of ancient Prussians: