I was living in the small village of Soquel, in Santa Cruz, CA in a beautiful house of my colleague at work, Shannon for the period of 5 days.

We had tasty breakfasts...

On one of the first days, Shannon took me for a walk telling me about all the interesting and iconic places in the neigboring Capitola village.

Like the Shadowbrook restaurant where we went for dinner using an old-fashioned cable car:

The restaurant is located right on the shore of the Soquel Creek:

On our walk, we ate a piece of pizza each on the beach and went to the pier.

I bought postcards in one the gift shops.

On some other day, we went for a walk with Shannon's ex-husband Randy along the ocean front.

And of course we went out on many occasions, eating fancy and unusual things...

Like shrimps in fresh avocado sauce and artichokes, for instance:

City wibes...

On Friday morning I went for a chair yoga class early in the morning.