'Contentment is the Enemy of Invention' by Marsha (Spaced, season 2, episode 2)  
«It's a piece about violence in its immediacy, the instancy of the event, a synchronic rendering of three explosive, aggressive expressions.»

— Hello, Brian.  
— Hello.  
— Aren't you gonna invite me in?  
— Bit busy.  
— Doing what?  
— Nice to see you've tidied up a bit.  
— Thanks.  
— Daisy was telling me you're feeling a little dry. Everything Ok?  
— Mmm.  
— Yes?  
— Don't know, Marsha. Can't seem to get inspired. Used to come so easily. Thought I'd cracked it this morning. Got a letter saying Uncle Kevin had died. Next thing I knew, I was painting. Couldn't stop. Twist called and lost it. Just went.  
— You know what your problem is, Brian.
— What?  
— You're happy. I think you'll find you dried up the minute you started seeing Twit.  
— D'you think so?  
— It's obvious. You cannot have your cake and eat her, Brian. Contentment is the enemy of invention.  
— Oh, my God.  
— Funny, innit? You were so prolific when we was at it.  
— This is awful.  
— Innit.  
— What a dilemma.  
— Can't believe this. It's so depressing, Brian. You must be really worried.  
— Yes.  
— Angst-ridden.  
— Yes.  
— Inconsolable.  
— Yes.Right, I'm off. Mike's cooking beans,then we're gonna polish his guns and watch The A-Team, bye.  
...I love it when a plan comes together.

— What do you do, Brian?  
— An artist.  
— Oh! What kind of thing do you do?  
— Anger. Aarrgghh! Pain. Fear. Aggression.  
— Watercolours or…?  
— It's a bit more complex than that.  
— Tim does cartoons.  
— It's a little bit more complex than that.  
— Processing concept into substance and trying to create a string of independent forms.  
— Like sausages?  
— I see contemporary art as a dirty plate heaped with worthless junk food and I want something more nourishing.  
— Like sausages?

— Yay! Danny Kendall's about to die.  
— You're right, that is better than when Jeremy went into the swimming pool to retrieve Fay's necklace and suffered a brain embolism.  
— Bronson's got to pay.  
— Bronson's got to pay!  
— Tim, Bronson's got to pay, he's got a toupee.  
toupee, n
общ. небольшой парик; хохолок; тупей;  
табу., прост., устар. женский лобок;
— Can I bring the bike in? Your landlady's got the look of a bike thief about her.  
— What, ageing female divorcee? What's she gonna do, sell it to buy Jacob's Creek?  
— Don't   get sarky (саркастичный), that bike's my living. Not like you pretending to be a struggling cartoonist, poncing off the state while decent taxpayers like me fund your drink problem.
I wouldn't mind so much, but you seem to be having such a shit time.  
Anyway, I was just coming back from a club, right, passed your gaff and I remembered — you owe me 20 quid.  
— Daisy, this is Tyres, he bikes my drawings round for me.  
— Tyres! Yeah, Tim told me he had more than one friend, I didn't believe him, but here you are — it's The Village Of The Damned!  
— Are youse two…?  
— What, hand? I don't…  
—   Are youse two an item ?
— No! No.That's… No. Well…  
— No, Daisy's not like that. That's funny, that's actually funny.  
— No, we're just mates, aren't we?   Chums.
— Get off me!  
— Oh, I see, youse are er… «friends».  
— Yeah.  
— Yeah.  
— Did you want a cup of tea, Tyres?  
— I couldn't eat a thing,   my stomach's like a walnut.
— Can't you even have tea?  
— No, no solids.  
— Something orange?  
— Er, water?  
— Water? OK.  
— Hello? What, already?  
— All right. I'll see you later.  
— Who was that?  
— It was Mike.  
— He just nearly drowned doing an Eskimo roll. He put too many pebbles in his rucksack.  
— Last time I seen Mike he was on Crimewatch,  
— No, that was a case of mistaken identity. Police had his house surrounded last week.  
— No, this was about two months ago.  
— Oh, yeah, that was him.  
— What did you do last night?  
— Last night? Last night was   A1, tip-top, clubbing jam fair. It was a sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread, wrapped up in a bag like disco fudge.
Doesn't get much better than that. I just wish I couldcontrol these fucking mood swings!
— So what did youse two friends do last night?  
— Oh, we just stayed in, didn't we?  
Had a laugh,   played Scrabble.
(Roberto Picardo: lena Sequence)  
— Six. Seven. Six.  
— Live, or live.  
— Shazam. It is a word. It is a word. I've got a pile of comics this big. Captain Marvel says it.  
— It's a nonsense invented word.  
— You're only doing that so you can use Z. Take it off, it's not a word.  
— Pro V. Pantene Pro V.  
— You can't have Pantene Pro V!  
— It's the ingredient in the shampoo that makes the hair silky and smooth!  
— It's a word they made up to make shampoo sound important! You're so naive. I cannot believe…  
— It probably isn't a word!  
— Fuck!  
— What?  
— The last four letters you threw spelt «fuck».  
— Oh. What do you think that means?  
— I see. So you skipped the sex part and went straight to the Scrabble.  
—   I can't get my head round this platonic inter-gender relationship malarkey.
malarkey, n
общ. выдумка; небылица; «утка»; брехня;
сл. «лапша на уши»; «панама»; «туфта»; ложь; муть; преувеличение; чушь
It just doesn't seem right. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind   having a chinwag with a honey,
but I just like to do it after   waggling her chin, you know what I mean?
chinwag, n
общ. пустая болтовня
австрал., сл. дружеская беседа
сл. болтовня; трёп
chinwag, v
сл. болтать; трепаться
— Yeah.  
— You like to waggle your willie on her chin?  
— Don't   come your post-feminist, art-school bollocks with me, sunflower, if that's your real frigging name, all right? (frigging -прил. эвф., чертов)
—   I work for a living. What do you do?
— I write, actually.  
— Oh, do you? In other words, you're   on the dole (жить на пособие по безработице).
— So anyway, are youse two friends coming out with me tonight or what?  
— No money.  
— I'll lend you the money.  
— I already owe you 20 quid.  
— Do you?  
— Oh, look, there's Madonna.  
— Where?  
— So we'll see you later, then, yeah?  
— Cool, right.  
— OK, I'm   going off for a shower, a shit and a shave. I'll be back for youse about eleven.
Pack your party bags, people, cos tonight is gonna be a large one, all right?  
Be lucky! Oi-oi!  
— What was all that about Madonna?  
— Tyres has got a really short attention span.  
— I haven't been to a club in ages. I think we should ask Brian to come.-  
— I don't really see Brian   throwing shapes in the church of dance, do you?
— Well, he might if we ask Twist to come.  
— Brian and Twist? — Yeah!   Get with the programme !
(Keep to a predetermined plan and don't raise side issues or deviate tangentially.)