Summer started unexpectedly and furiously, on a rainy Sunday, April 29th, with a spontanuous birthday picnic at an almost abandonded summer cottage. Apart from the fox and some amazing stuff we found inside the old house, like three cushions depicting elephants and camels, a nice candle-lamp with a little door, a panama hat and a handmade lion-carpet with a pocket,  there were few interesting discoveries, as for people, conversations or activities. It all ended up with me walking on the side of the road alone with too much rain over paradise, down my laptop bag and blue jeans.

However miserable such a beginning may seem, the long vacation in May did not just run through fingers, the tricky way time usually does.


On Friday, May 4th, we headed for Moscow at about noon time to see and hear Illnath live show. On arrival we dropped the car at our family friends' place and made our way through the city to find the PlanB club, where we eventually got at 8 p.m. - just right in time to see unexpectedly female, blonde, pretty, hairy and brutal Danish appear on the scene.

The club was not full, so, it was not a problem for Anne to find us in the crowd. The show was pretty cool, very energetic, with the brutal-voiced front-lady laughing and exposing her tongue now and then, the play — technical and impressive at times, though the sound was not too exciting, the audience was OK too, mostly old-school, positive and responsive.

The next day we spent on the road. We started the journey back just after an amazing walk with Masha and Ilya through a children's playground and spending some time in a local bar with berry smoothies, cheesecakes and ever bursting balloons.

Fun at the beginning, the way back home turned out to be kind of sad and frustrating, due too much exaltation from my side, too many pits on the road and forced tire change.