by DAGUR KÁRI Iceland, Denmark, 2009

A minimalistic, nordic interpretation of the interplay of life and death. Sometimes you have to be on the verge of death and lucky to survive to feel gratitude and willingness to open up to the world again. Marvelous things start happening then as the world starts paying you back and gives you another chance to learn yourself.

- So how are you feeling these days?
- Doubt, fear, pain, anxiety, distraction, nervousness, horror, fright, panic, dread, terror, trepidation. I feel like a goddamn thesaurus.

But having a good heart can turn against you in a most sarcastic way if you are too naive. So, the good turns bad and wants to kill the goose, but the bad turns good because he got a "good" heart transplant. So, the goose is saved and the good one is good again, but he dies in an attempt to save the goose...The bottom line - one has to stay true to oneself, no matter good or bad, and enjoy the life while one can.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, friendship will stab you in the back like a dagger. The customer will start trusting you, you'll start trusting them. One thing will lead to another and you don't want that to happen.