It's just one of those days when you feel as if you've completely forgotten about who you are and where you are,  and once awake, move on living in this dream-like sphere of your mind, which, as it happens, has already decided to take a break from overwhelming thoughts and daily routine,without letting you know about it, however.

At first, you realize, to your great astonishment, that the conference call scheduled at 8am is already over...And it's not that you overslept it, it's just as if it hasn't ever been planned.

Then you iron your shirt, and on hearing another sound notification from your cellphone,  you imagine it is an email from your former teacher, you haven't been expecting anymore, and just think what it could say..then, feeling so close to this universal knowledge, the curiosity in you taking over, you rush for the phone...and here it is, the email from the former teacher of German. And to add to it, she tells you that she received your email on the very day she was showing your postcard to her students meaning to show them that doing masters in Germany is real. Is it? The question has suddenly got another meaning to it... So, you are reading about "ein erstaunliches Zusammenfallen," as she puts it, and feeling one at one and the same time...

Then, you are getting ready to leave home and go to Uni, but at some point, you feel like checking the schedule, though you remember it for sure, the class starts at 4pm. And you have to believe your eyes, the class took place from 2 to 4pm...

At last, being a bit frustrated and feeling some sort of emptiness inside you (or is it freedom?), you decide to do something useful this day, no matter what, and go to the library to return a book. You don't take a tram or bus, and take a walk. You are crossing the bridge, imagining the words "you know, it's one of those days.." you 'd say to Erica, who for some unknown reason comes up in your mind.

Passing by a tattoo salon, which is supposed to be closed due to repair works going around, as your friend told you,  you feel an urge to try it's door, and it opens. A middle-aged lady, all in tattoos up to her fingernails, turns over from her PC to greet you. You make some arrangements for Meduza piercing session, without even planning to do it earlier today..

Deep in your thoughts, you move on, and suddenly hear someone say "Hey, stranger!" You raise your eyes and see... Erica, who tells you that she's just been thinking about you! And then you know it. The world's turned marvellous. Your mind, which supposedly reloaded, not being able to stand the pressure of daily intellectual tasks and burden of making long-term plans,  was now open to the voice  of the universe, and could foresee, or pre-feel the future.

It's as if your mind and your memory are playing tricks with you...As if the magic realism from those stories has secretly flown over into your life making all things less important and the reality surprising and marvellous.