by INGMAR BERGMAN, Sweden, 1969

-How do you personally perceive Andreas Winkelman?

-I think he's very difficult in a way, because...he has for so long tried to hide
from his surroundings. His failed marriage and his legal troubles have forced him into a corner, where he's simply trying to hide his identity. And he's trying to destroy his means of expression. And his hiding place, perhaps without him being aware of it, has been transformed into his own prison.
The difficulty for me as an actor... is to try and express his lack of expression.

"Dearest Anna, I can't live with you anymore. I have denied that truth for a long time, because I love you. I neither can nor want to live with you any longer. I don't believe in trying again, since neither of us are willing to change. But I don't want to give up, because I know we'll run into new complications, which in turn will trigger terrible emotional agitation, physical and psychological violence. Therefore, I ask you not to contact me. Your Andreas."

-To me Eva is a woman who can no longer cope with the fact of her own disconnectedness. And not to have an identity of her own, only the creation of others, never to have any rest or any feeling of self-worth makes me think she'll attempt suicide. But suicide is not really a solution, it's just another selfish act, and I hope they manage to save her. I hope that when she awakens...she'll have been through something that liberates her from herself. That she can look upon her old self... with tenderness, warmth, and without any regret. I think that she chooses... for example, to become a teacher for the hearing impaired, because deaf people live in an even deeper isolation and loneliness than she ever has. I think she'll experience liberation...and mercy.
-And then?
-There's nothing more.

-Has it occurred to you, Anna, that the worse off people are, the less they complain? Eventually they're silent...even though they're living creatures with nerves, eyes and hands. Massive armies of both victims and executioners. The light which rises and sinks heavily. The cold approaches. Darkness. The heat. The smell. And everyone is silent. We can never leave this place. I don't believe in escape. It's too late. Everything's too late.