— Are you only searching for pleasure?
Or is every womsan a new land whose secrets you want to discover?
You want to know what she's going to say when she makes love?
Or how she will smile?
How she will whisper?
Groan… scream?
— Maybe the very smallest...unimaginable details...
Tiny things that make one woman totally unlike any other.
— What's my detail,Doctor?
— Your hat, Sabina.

If I had two lives...with one, I'd have her stay at my place.
With the other,I'd kick her out.
Then I'd compare and see which was best.
But we only live once.
Life's so light...like an outline we can't ever...fill in...or correct...make any better.
It's frightening.

— Take me to them.
— To whom?
— To the other women.
Take me to them when you make love to them.
I'll undress them for you.
I'd like to.
I'll give them a bath and bring them to you.
I'll do anything you like.
Other women's bodies will be our playthings.

// from The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Philip Kaufman, 1988 (based on the eponymous novel by Milan Kundera)