A peculiar case of a homophony of two semantically irrelated words: the prehistoric name of Königsberg and a modern English colloquialism.

Twangste/Tvangste/Tuwangste — the name of a prussian settlement on a hill in the downstream of the Pregel river, where the Königsberg castle was grounded by the Teutonic Knights and the Czech King, the Duke of Austria, Ottakar Przhemysl II, whose army came to support and rescue the knights invited to Prussia by the Polish King to conquer the pagans.

Twangster — a person, usually male, that can't seem to decide between being a cowboy, and being a gangster. These people usually wear an odd assortment of clothing and accesories that include: cowboy hats, hurley caps, leather boots, jackets with emo loops, chaps and jeans, big gangster rings, lots of bling, gloves and knives. They tend to be more aggressive when traveling in groups of 3 or more. Twangsters usually seem to join whatever group seems to be more dominant at the time, and will not hesitate to switch when possible.


— Good grief, look what Heston is wearing today!
— Wow, cowboy boots and a flat billed hat?
— Maybe tommorow he will come to school selling weed off his tractor
— Yeah, he is a real Twangster..