Directed by Emir Kusturica
Serbia, France, 2004

Everything okay at your place?

It really shook last night.

I lost some roof tiles. You know the real miracle, nothing happened to the Bosnian stew. It just got cold.

Get that donkey off the track, Vujan!

I'll go bankrupt, my dear Veljo. These are in great demand
and that cow won't carry them.

Why not?

She's suffering.

Can't she suffer in a ditch? What's it matter where she suffers?
I'll have to use...a stick.
Get a move on!
You won't get in my way.
What's this? Why is she crying?

She's lovesick.
She wants a train to run her over.

What train? The track isn't
finished yet.

Exactly what I told her.

I'll use the stick on her.

A stick? I'm skeptical about that.

She won't move.
She's lovesick.

She's waiting for a train to
run her over

Whose donkey is it?
It's Vujan's.

Vujan who? - Vujan Peric from Zabrdje.

Vujan died five years ago!
But I spoke to him today.



It's useless!

Is she crying?

I told you she's suffering.

You don't know the secret word.